The Off-Campus reading community tends to dive deeper into the contemporary theoretical corpus which, due to academic limitations, are never thoroughly covered during the courses on campus. The pandemic situation has affected the quality and forms of education here as well. We have now become more tech-friendly people and learnt to communicate online. We have therefore initiated our small off-campus reading community to go through the most important critical passages we often hear about, but never dared read them alone.
In case of interest, just leave me a message to get the terms and conditions. 

First Round:

Reading Bakhtin

September 2021

  • An Introduction to Bakhtinian Thought
  • Marxism and the Philosophy of Language
  • Bakhtin and the Novel
  • Rabelais and His world: Carnival and the Grotesque

Second Round:


October 2021

  • Intertextuality from Plato to Eliot
  • Bakhtin and the Tel Quel: Kristeva and Barthes
  • Genette and Rifattere
  • Harold Bloom and other contemporary approaches
  • Postmodernist Intertextualities

Third Round 

(Summer 2022)

Literary Theory: Essential Reads

  • Roman Jakobson’s “Two Aspects of Literature”
  • “Dialectics”, From Hegel’s The Science of Logic
  • Walter Benjamin’s “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”
  • Jean Baudrillard’d “Simulacra and Simulation”

Fourth Round

(Summer 2023)


  • Donna Haraway’s “The Cyborg Manifesto”